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There are so many activities that you will never get bored. Let us know what do you like and we will prepare for you personalized plan of fun.


Sardinia is a perfect place for children. Water and adventure parks are waiting on you. Get to know dinosaurs face to face and much more...


Get to know wild Sardinia mountains in tousands km of trekking path. Endemic plants and wild animals are beeing to discovered by you. 


Climbing is an exciting experience that can be practie in Sardinia whole year round. There are hundreds of place to climb with your friends and family. Every year climbing events are organized in Sardinia so stay tuned with our blog and social media.


Sardinia's nature is amazing and unique. You can find endemic plants with particular properties and helth benefits for humans. 

There are many different wild animals in Sardinia so don't be surprised to see wild Sardinia horses on your walk.


There is more amazing Sardinia underground. Caves and grottos show their mysteries not only to expert speleologists, but also beginners.


Cagliari is a capital of Sardinia. It lies at the northern extremity of the Gulf of Cagliari, on the south coast of the island. 

The old town,  probably occupies the site of the Carthaginian acropolis, while the western quarter and the Marina quarter of the lower town were probably more important under the Romans, as testified to by the great Roman amphitheatre and an extensive Roman necropolis.

The principal monuments of the medieval upper town are the Cathedral of Santa Cecilia (1257–1312; rebuilt 1669–1702), with two of the original transept doors; parts of the Pisan fortifications, including the towers of San Pancrazio (1305) and the Elefante (1307); the archaeological museum; and the University of Cagliari (founded 1606). In the Villanova quarter, east of the Marina, is the early Christian (5th–6th century) domed Basilica of San Saturnino, or SS. Cosma e Damiano, rebuilt in the 12th century. Cagliari is an archiepiscopal see.